Lorna is an embroidery teacher and designer who is passionate about sharing her designs and embroidery techniques. She loves all forms of 3-dimensional, raised and textured embroidery and tries to encompass as many of these in her designs as possible. Her passion for flowers shines through in all of her work. Lorna had this to say about her work, “I enjoy working with a variety of threads and silk ribbons to achieve a raised and textured effect in my work. I love experimenting with a number of different embroidery techniques, including ribbon embroidery, stumpwork, crazy patchwork, painting on fabric, canvaswork and applique. I am passionate about colour and about nature and often use flowers and landscapes as sources of inspiration.”And she had this to say about her love of teaching, “Teaching is my passion! My goal is to try and encourage people to try as many different forms of embroidery as possible, using a kit as an aid to move onto working and experimenting with their own designs. I love working with beginners and reaping the rewards of their enjoyment.”

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Click here for watch an interview with Lorna and Jennie Rayment where Lorna talks about some of her favourite stitches and patterns.

Signature Technique:

3-dimensional and textured hand embroidery

Top Tips:

– Create contrast in texture with overcast stem stitch, whipped backstitch or whipped chain stitch.
– When using Drizzle stitch, make sure you use a needle big enough to take the thread through the fabric.
– The waste knot (or Quilters knot) is the most useful knot you’ll ever learn.
– When in doubt, experiment small and finish rather than add to your basket of UFOs.
– The cast-on bullion stitch makes delightful flowers.
– Incorporate beads into actual stitches, rather than adding them on later, for a beautiful effect.
– Kits are a great ways to try something new and move on beyond cross stitch and tapestry.
– Use your scraps to create a colourful pin weaving masterpiece.