Silk Ribbon Roses Embroidery with Lorna Bateman

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Silk Ribbon Roses Embroidery with Lorna Bateman

Lorna Bateman  loves working with silk ribbon and shows how easy it is to create her ribbon roses and other flowers.


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Use Silk Ribbon in your embroidery

According to Lorna if you can do embroidery stitches, then you can work with silk ribbon. In this workshop Lorna guides you through how to make the roses, the petals, rose buds and other lovely flowers which can then be used in your projects. It is particularly fashionable to decorate sweaters and create individual and unique clothing.

Starter Packs

Lorna has some simple starter packs available in our Shop for trying out silk ribbon embroidery. These are an easy way of trying this gentle style of embroidery to see whether it is something you might enjoy.

The packs come in the following colours – just click on the the colour you want

peachpink, purple and yellow.


More about Lorna Bateman:

Lorna has lived in the UK for 10 years. She is originally from South Africa and is now happily working as a teacher and designer. She loves all forms of 3-dimensional, raised and textured embroidery and try to encompass as many of them in her designs as possible!

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