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Box of Stars with Valerie Nesbitt

This is a great variation on the 54/40 Fight or Flight block that Valerie is so keen on.


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In this workshop Valerie explains how to adapt the commercial pattern to use the Tri-Recs ruler. She feels this makes for greater accuracy prior to sewing.

She also guides you through a couple of other tips particularly when strip piecing to help you achieve accurate patchwork. If you don’t end up with an accurate 1″ band in the centre of your strips, you may like to check out the workshop video we have on how to achieve this – just click here.

Valerie created her quilt with fewer fabrics than Stephanie, but I’m sure, she won’t mind!

There is a suggestion right at the end from Valerie about making a trial block. Also, this is a great tip, if you are working from instructions in a magazine as any cutting errors won’t be listed in that edition.

The pattern by Stephanie Prescott is available in our website.

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