Bobbin Threadplay with Valerie Nesbitt

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Bobbin Threadplay with Valerie Nesbitt

An introduction to the possibility of thicker threads being used in your bobbin for special effect.


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Thread Playtime!

This might get you thinking just a little ‘outside the box’ and the finished effect is one similar to that of couching your threads;   you can use thicker threads on bobbins that are front loaded (like the Bernina) or top loaded (such as the Janome);

Don’t forget to work on a sample piece first before transferring to your ‘precious project’.

To learn how useful the walking foot is – click here.

You can find more information about a walking foot on our website.

Another trick is to try thicker threads and not put them through the tension discs of your bobbin.

The thread used by Valerie is YLI Candlelight, but other manufacturers do lovely ‘thick’ threads.


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