Behind the Scenes at Fashion Sans Frontieres

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Behind the Scenes at Fashion Sans Frontieres

Behind the scenes with the girls from the UK at the Fashion Sans Frontieres event.

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We went behind the scenes at the Fashion Sans Frontieres show to catch up with some of the artists.

Helen Deighan

Helen guided us through her day wear complete with matching stockings! She also showed us her lovely black and white outfit with matching coil pot and her coil rainbow dress complete with collar. Helen used in excess of 150 needles in making this coil outfit.

If you fancy giving this technique a try, you can watch her demonstration in the workshop section.

Annette Claxton

Annette has outfits that double up as wall hangings – no, I don’t mean on a hanger. Her outfits unbutton and become works of art.

Angela Madden

Angela walks us through her outfits which are an eclectic mix, from the sensible denim jacket made from recycled jeans through to the bit of bling as an accessory. She also uses black garden suppressant fabric and refuse sacks for truly wearable art from an unusual source.  Amazingly glamorous.


Valerie caught up with Ferret on her way to the dressing room when she transformed herself initially with her phoenix rising leather cape. She caught up with her again in her Victorian inspired evening ensemble with Tet, her knight in shining armour. Ferret can be found at where you also can find out more about her amazing quilting skills.

Jennie Rayment

Jennie was so busy changing in and out of her long boots and finding her whips, that Valerie only managed to catch up with her in her glam hat when a glass of wine was long overdue. You can see more of her wedding outfit which closed the show. You can learn more about Jennie by watching our interview with her.


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