Volcanic Ash!

///Volcanic Ash!

Volcanic Ash!

Jennie: Well … our Valerie has eventually got to France – short vacation there – she was off to Lanzerroti (spelling!!) but planes not flying so had to cancel – this is second time this trip has been cancelled – last was due to snow! Anyway with luck she is languishing in France enjoying the lovely weather- I have been left in charge! So……. a wild party? No better not or she maynever speak to me again but I have just seen the Lesly Brankin interview and oh you so have to see this – such a super quilter – it s most excellent video and will be out on Friday. Fingers crossed for me on Sunday – this is it … The marathon and I am NEVER doing it AGAIN. THIS IS IT! Monday should with luck see me tired and very stiff sat sitting (if I can) at computer – sitting has been the problem with all my training – such a permanent stiff butt! Oh well at least come Monday I can watch our Lesley Brankin again even if I stand.

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