Our fascination with gardens knows no bounds. We admire them from indoors or at close quarters whilst tending them, and we yearn for leisure time to drink in their delights. Oakshott Fabrics now has a new range of fabrics. The ‘All-Year English Garden’ range brings the garden and its colours inside, whatever the season.

There are new combinations of colour picks to add to their already amazing range. They are the risk-free, effortless answer to colour combining and a visual spectacle to boot. Colours in every tint and tone are curated into bundles that recreate nature’s palettes. Some positively burst with colour, their complementary and contrasting shades working in perfect harmony. Others are studies in monochrome – tints, tones and shades of a single colour. Every pack shares the Oakshott colour intensity and trademark ‘shot’ effect, created by combining different warp and weft hues to produce fabrics that appear to shimmer and ‘move’.

The feast of colour continues with names that evoke garden scents – Wisteria and Sweet Pea, stimulate the sense of taste – Bramble and Forest Fruits, or waken the sense off touch – think Fern fronds and Allium pompoms. Others, like Mistletoe have emotional connections; and what English summer day would be complete without some Clouds.

The fabrics are offered as Fat 8ths, Fat Quarters or Half Metre Blocks bundles and are cut from generous 54” bolts. Almost 23% larger than ‘standard’, each tantalising combination contains a surprising amount of fabric. With their dense weave, these top grade shot cottons hold their shape beautifully and, being free from dressing, their drape and handle will remain unchanged over time.

Gardens, flowers and nature are a perennial source of inspiration, as much for their colours as for their forms and structures. Why not explore Oakshott’s All-Year English Garden range by clicking here and you will unearth a world of surprises