Midsummer Mystery Quilt Secret Gallery

///Midsummer Mystery Quilt Secret Gallery

Midsummer Mystery Quilt Secret Gallery

!! SPOLIER ALERT!! – Updated 19 January 2015

5_mmq-plain1Here is the special secret picture gallery of your versions of the Midsummer mystery quilt, but you’ll only be able to see the pictures if you’re logged in as a subscriber.


This is the one that Valerie made for the project









Elizabeth sent us her version of the quilt which she found great fun to make.



5_karin - Juliet Coffer - julietKarin wasn’t able to follow along on the day but watched the videos the next day, printed up the workshop notes did a little bit everyday. The William Morris pattern was outside of her normal comfort zone of colour choices but she’s very pleased with the outcome,so much so that she has another, brighter jelly roll that will give a very different look. She’s now waiting for the next mystery quilt to come along some time soon…

5_lyn-2 - Juliet Coffer - juliet…As is Lyn, who told us she thoroughly enjoyed herself, even managing to inset some wine labels as her strip wasn’t quite long enough!




5_nicola-3Nicola caught up with the quilt a few days later. She thought the idea of adding left over bits to the back, instead of buying extra wide backing fabric was a great idea, as you can see from her pictures

5_lizLiz decided to try the mystery at the last minute, ie the night before, and here is her result.  She’s never used a jelly roll so had no left over strips but did have 40+ years of left over dress making fabrics so she frantically cut straight grain strips, some short, some very short and some a bit longer and hey presto by the end of the weekend she had managed all the piecing.  She loved the challenge and now has a memories quilt.

5_jen-fletcherJen sent us her picture in October. She’s so thrilled with the result she’s going to do another one to fit her double bed

5_eva2 mystery quiltEva sent us her picture in January. She made her quilt in a week and admirably managed NOT to have a peek to see how it would turn out! She used things from her stash – both strips and leftovers – and was rightly very pleased with her finished quilt.

Such lovely pieces of work – well done to everyone, and if you have a picture you’d like us to include just email it across to us.





If you want to subscribe and have a go at making the mystery quilt yourself, click here for details.

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