So now thinking of doing a pieced back.   Is that a good idea?  I have 15 10″ squares left. I was going to cut more out of the border and binding fabric I have left.

Problem 1: How do I cut a 10″ square with my ruler?!

Problem 2: If I do 5 squares by 8 squares is this big enough for the back…or should I do 6 x 9?

Problem 3: How on earth do I position the back under the front so it lines up?

Or should I scrap this idea!


A scrap backing is a great idea not only because it co-ordinates with the front but also because it uses up fabric that you have already bought.

Remember that wadding and backing need to be the same size as each other and they BOTH need to be approx 4″ bigger than your quilt ALL THE WAY ROUND (this allows for a fudge factor and for takeup in the quilting)

Position any added scraps into the main fabric  i.e. don’t add pieces to the outside edge and this will get cut off and can look really ugly if it isn’t straight.
Therefore you won’t need to worry too much about lining up the back and the front patterns – almost impossible – and you will need to think of  your quilting pattern and how this reflects on both sides of your quilt!

If you want to know more – you could watch the What’s on the Back? video: