Hello, I have joined your club as I was looking for an idea to recycle men’s ties. I did find your excellent project and have started working on it.


I also want to show you the entirely handmade bed cover that I have just finished. It took me about 12 years. In 1994 I stopped working as an English teacher and joined the patchwork club of Alençon. Two years later, having learned the basis of the art, I started this huge project. The assembling took a year. Then I started the quilting.


But then I became a grand mother, and, little by little, a grand mother of 8 grand-children, and I spent most of my free time sewing and knitting for them, which I enjoy a lot. I only worked on the quilting occasionnally and never for very long periods. Last may I decided I would not touch another needle than the quilting needle until it was finished. And now it is finished!


All the fabrics are American, from Jinny Beyer. It looks really good in the guests’room, and I am very proud to show it to you, my new patchwork teachers!


Catherine Lambert

Thank you Catherine for sharing;  it is quite beautiful and with all that hand quilting I’m not surprised it took a while – much for others to aspire to.