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What size do you need to cut with the rotary cutter?

The rotary cutter means that you dont have to use templates and here are some simple rules that you can apply throughout your patchwork: On the Flying geese fast no-waste method you just need to add 1 1/4" to the finished size you need for the larger square so for 4" you need 5 1/4" and then 7/8 to the size of the smaller square - so again you are right at 2 7/8 and if you want to enjoy the video on this click here: The other magic numbers for rotary cutting are as follows:
For a plain square you add 1/2" so 4" finished becomes 4 1/2" For a half-square triangle we now add 1" - so cut 5", - and once sewn trim back to be an accurate 4 1/2" before sewing
and for quarter-square triangles we add 1 1/4" (as per the flying geese) and pay attention to the seam allowance we sew!

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Rotary cutters

I was wondering if you could tell me which rotary cutters Jennie used in the fabric balls video?  My cutter needs replacing and I fancy one of the safety ones which become safe when raising the cutter from the fabric. Answer: I think Jennie was using the Trucut range of rotary cutter which has a groove in it and is best used with its own ruler;  however Olfa do both sizes 28mm and 45mm cuttter with a self-closing system, and these are readily available from quilt shops (but if in doubt you can contact Want to see the Fabric Balls video?  click here:

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What rotary cutting equipment should you buy?

This is such a personal choice it's difficult to answer however there are a few things to think about that might help: Are you left handed? If so be sure that the rotary cutter works for you - most work both both right and left handed people but not all. What about the ruler? Well this should be a companion piece to your board - make sure that the ruler works across your board  in both directions (i.e.

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An American gets to grip with Hand Patchwork

This certainly ticks all the boxes - recycling something that has been in the family and much loved to create a snuggle quilt; it meant stablizing the fabric first; marking the fabric with sewing lines; cutting accurately with a rotary cutter and then sewing neatly - much concentration needed.     The first block of what will be a very unique quilt,  and that has some challenges ahead for Steve, our Chief Executive.

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