Using Twin Needles on a Quilt

Using Twin Needles on a Quilt

Watch how to use a twin needle for stitching either side of a seam or a stunning serpentine stitch.



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Using a twin needle is a great way to sew two rows of stitching at the same time…in perfect parallel.

In this video, Jayne and Valerie demonstrate how to use a twin needle to stitch either side of your seam. You can also use threads that are a complementary colour to that of the fabric, creating a gorgeous effect.

They also walk you through how to do a serpentine stitch with a twin needle which creates a beautiful trapunto-like effect. Rest easy, the machine will automatically tell you the size that you can use for your serpentine stitch, helping you to avoid a broken twin needle.

This video is also part of the #IDidntLikeToAsk Video series hosted by Valerie Nesbitt and Jayne Brogan.

Click here if you’d like to see more videos from the series.

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