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Transfer Painting with Mary Gamester

Mary shows how to use the positive and the negative templates of her snowflake to make cushion.


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Transfer painting using templates and bubblewrap

In this workshop Mary shows you how to cut your snowflake template. She uses it both as a positive and a negative template. Also she uses bubble-wrap to great effect and shows just what a wonderful and varied effect can be created with these transfer paints, which look like nothing when on the paper but come to life when transferred onto the polycotton fabric.

Remember that these transfer dyes are for use on polycotton or other manmade fibres, not natural fibres.

You need to keep yourself safe by using baking parchment between your iron and the fabric and also remember to keep the iron moving.   Irons without holes for steam work best. The heel of the iron is hotter than the toe and you can re-use the papers but you will get a softer image.

Also make sure that you have no stray fibres/threads wandering over into your work.

New Book

Mary now has a book out entitled ‘Transfer Painting’ which you can find on our website.

More from Mary Gamester

Mary’s DVD ‘Inspired Transfer Paints with Mary Gamester is full of other inspiration and you can find it on our website too.

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