Tracy Chevalier and the Sleep Quilt

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Tracy Chevalier and the Sleep Quilt

Quilt was commission by Tracy and was made by prisoners who are part of the Fine Cell programme.

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We caught up with Tracy Chevalier when she and her quilt were visiting Lady Sew & Sew, in Henley on Thames. The quilt was on display as part of a larger exhibition of Fine Cell Work, and you will get to see more of that in another video.

The brief for The Sleep Quilt was ‘things we do in bed’ and you will see that there is a wide interpretation of that. Given just 10″ of fabric, the prisoners produced blocks with a mixture of needlework, patchwork and other stitchery on a wide variety of topics. While this is a group quilt, the quilting was done by one single individual.

If you want, you can learn more about Fine Cell Work in their website.

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