TASTER: Thermofax Printing with Sue Rhodes

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TASTER: Thermofax Printing with Sue Rhodes

Sue Rhodes shares with us how to print your own fabric or cards with this simple and easy method.


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Thermofax screen printing is very straightforward, simple and needs very little space. Sue takes us through the process of creating your own fabric. This can then be used in patchwork projects and perhaps embellished and enhanced with a little bit of embroidery.

The screen prints can also be used to make cards and are particularly good for lettering. So, this would perhaps be a great idea for special occasion project.

The best inks are the textile paints that are not too runny, and the screens come with a perfect sized squeegee.

Here is the contact Sue uses both to purchase pre-designed screens, or to ask them to make up screens from her design: Screens4Printing.

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