TASTER: Textured Landscapes with Jennie Rayment

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TASTER: Textured Landscapes with Jennie Rayment

Seaside or landscape – your choice, but Jennie shows how to make a stunning textured scene.


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Textured pictures in patchwork

Jennie makes it look easy, and you have a variety of scenes to inspire you. A microwave dyeing process produces the colors.Jennie scrunches, folds, and tucks her way through this lovely textured landscape, whether it’s land or sea. All of them look good.

More about Jennie Rayment

It’s all about ‘Nipping and Tucking’ for this skinny, red-haired, slightly crazy Brit – modifying fabric and sculpting surfaces.

Moreover, she has hilarious lectures with real ‘Strip, Show and Tell’.

Sewing instructor Jennie Kelley offers a wide variety of classes for students of all levels and abilities. Including patch workers, quilters, embroiderers, fashionistas, and home décor enthusiasts.

Indeed, she creates deviously ingenious textural designs that will captivate needlework enthusiasts, while her magic manipulations provide them with endless creative ideas.

Why not try her classes in Emsworth? For lots, more information and the latest joke plus a ‘Sew simple’ project go to www.jennierayment.com.

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