TASTER: Scrap Hearts Quilt with Valerie Nesbitt

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TASTER: Scrap Hearts Quilt with Valerie Nesbitt

Another of Valerie’s scrap quilts, but this could also use a layer cake or jelly roll.


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This is a versatile little block that is created with simple strips and cornerstones. A wide variety of colours can be used, but Valerie has made this 9 block quilt creating some blocks with ‘dark’ fabric strips and others with ‘light’ fabric strips and then cornerstones. Remember the terms ‘dark’ and ‘light’ are only references to the tone of the fabric and are the relationship of the strips to each other.

Valerie has used scraps from her stash, but layer cakes or jelly rolls could also be used. If you use the jelly roll strips at 2.5″ and don’t cut them down in width, the block will work just as well – it will just be bigger!
Remember the cornerstones will also need to be cut at 2.5″ square.

The applique hearts can be created with your own favourite style of applique – satin stitch or blanket stitch. Because they are a simple shape, would also work as traditional turned applique, just add seam allowance all round the template, or indeed naive applique as shown by Anne Baxter.

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