TASTER: Rags to Rugs with Karen Veck

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TASTER: Rags to Rugs with Karen Veck

Karen shares with you how to make use of those little but lovely scraps of fabric.

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A great idea of how to use up small scraps of fabric any length as you can subcut them, but approx 1″ wide. Silk, denim, cotton strips, sari waste, indeed anything seems possible and its so simple, isn’t that true of all the good ideas. Tactile too.

We have some of Karen’s products available in the shop, but for more information on products you can visit her website directly by clicking here.

Here are a couple of helpful hints from one of our subscribers:

“I’ve been making these for years – call it a crocodile bodger – with finer fabrics I make the pieces longer and tie a single knot, then you don’t need to put them so closely packed. With denim I would grab a corner as it goes through more easily. Fleece garments cut up easily and don’t fray. Perhaps these hints will help some folk. Jean”

See more of Jean’s work and tips on the Show &¬†Tell page.

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