TASTER: How to Use a Walking Foot with Wendy Gardiner

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TASTER: How to Use a Walking Foot with Wendy Gardiner

If you need just one additional foot for your machine, this is the one Wendy recommends. This is part of our Throwback Thursday programme where we revisit films from our Archive.


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How to use the walking foot in your sewing machine

Wendy Gardiner knows about feet for your sewing machine, and in this, part one of two, Wendy shows you just how valuable the walking foot is and why, if you need just one extra foot, this is the one you should get.

She has already shown us how to fit the walking foot, always a little tricky and various a little between machines, but here she also takes us through how to use the guide to give you perfect parallel sewing/quilting on your project.

More about Wendy Gardiner

Wendy has been influential in the sewing industry for many years and is an internationally accredited sewing guru. She is the author of several sewing books, writer and presenter of several sewing DVDs.

Wendy strongly believes in sharing sewing skills and knowledge so that more people can make their fashion and furnishings and realize they can be fast, fun and simple to create. And with today’s climate of make do and mend, she likes to share many tips on sewing so that anyone can have a go.

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