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Take 3 Fabrics with Jennie Rayment

In this case very patriotic red, white and blue. Another of those quilts that will use 2 ½” strips.


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Great for Beginners too

With only 3 fabrics you can easily create a quilt. You have to make sure whether there is a contrast between the three. While it looks complicated, almost a double knot effect, but you will see that it is very straightforward. And even the seam allowance doesn’t matter, as long as you are consistant.

Possible Jelly Roll Option

If you are using a pre-cut strip roll or jelly roll, just make sure that you have selected fabrics with a contrast in them. Obviously, the quilt will have a more scrappy look to it than the one shown in the workshop.

Jennie was inspired by a book written by Trudie Hughes, who was one of the early pioneers of using the rotary cutter and strip piecing.

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