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Take 2 Circles with Jennie Rayment

Another simple but effective idea from Jennie – the Queen of twiddling and fiddling.


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Another great idea from Jennie, which she reminds us is from her book “Tucks & Textures Two” where you will find comprehensive workshop notes and which you can find in our website.

She talks you through how to make a large circle using your ruler and how to mark this up with cutting lines at 30 degree sections. While Jennie goes out and purchases a new protractor, this angle is on most rotary cutting rulers. Once you’ve cut through both circles of fabric you need to label and follow the instructions carefully!

As always this workshop is full of small but useful tips. For example, how to stablize the hole in the centre before applying your yo-yo, using bias strips to apply your circle to the background square and again using some of those fancy stitches that so many of the machines now come with – but don’t discount the old favourite zig-zag!

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