Summer Rose Cushion with Sylvia Critcher

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Summer Rose Cushion with Sylvia Critcher

Trapunto, corded Italian, and coloured quilting are used to create this lovely cushion.


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The kit related to this workshop is a great for beginners interested in trapunto and quilting. It comes complete with all you will need. The only things not included are cushion pads and coloured threads. The pattern template allows you a variety of project sizes, from the little heart and small square cushion, to the more traditionally sized cushion.  Being handwork, this is also very portable.

Sylvia has a number of kits available on our website. Also you can find her latest book, Raised Stitch and Quilt.  It is full of more ideas and inspiring projects.

Sylvia teaches a wide range of patchwork techniques, including those shown in the video and she is happy to travel. You can contact with her by e-mail in respect of teaching assignments by clicking here.

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