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Simple Fused Box with Jennie Rayment

Jennie Rayment takes you through the simple steps to create some lovely boxes which do not need to be square.


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Jennie guides you through the art of making a box by taking two pieces of fabric, some stiff stuff, and some fusible webbing. Then add embellishment either with twiddles or beads or just stitching. You still have time to make these as simple gift holders, which the recipient can enjoy all year round.

Jennie inspires you to try many shapes, from squares to hexagons, octagons to triangles. But these all use the same, simple method.

The edges of the boxes are finished with a machine satin stitch – a great opportunity to use some lovely threads.

And if you are the proud owner of an overlocker serger machine. This is another excellent project for you.

There are some fantastic fused waddings now available, single-sided and double-sided, which would be great to use for this product, and you can find more information from Lady Sew & Sew/wadding page



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