Rainbow & Scrap Batik Quilts with Valerie Nesbitt

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Rainbow & Scrap Batik Quilts with Valerie Nesbitt

Stitch ‘n flip these lovely quilts made with simple lozenge shapes.


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Use Precuts or scrap from your Stash

You could use your precut bundle of 5″ squares,or a layer cake cut into quarters, or do what Valerie does, and cut from her stash. Valerie reminds you how easy it is to cut through multiple layers of fabric accurately, which is what the rotary cutter was designed to do.

This easy lozenge shape lends itself to a wide variety of designs, using the Stitch ‘n Flip method of sewing.

If you used different fabrics in sets of 4 then you could create a completely different look with perhaps X’s and O’s.

Easy sewing across the corners of your squares mean that this can be accomplished by complete beginners.

If you are a subscribed member then instructions for the Rainbow quilt are available as a bonus.

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