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Taught to knit at the age of five, Sarah has always had a love of textiles. She had a passion for dressing up as a child. As a teenager she showed a flare for customising her own clothes. Sarah was always up to the minute with fashion in her own dress sense. Immediately after graduating, Sarah was offered her first job as a designer with a hand knit company. It was here she got to develop her skills in knitting, pattern writing and design. Sarah prides herself on the fact that since graduating she has always worked in the hand knitting industry.   She worked for many years designing for Rowan, but is now freelance.

Sarah’s inspiration has a tendency to be garment shape. While she rarely works in more than one colour, she produces amazing wearable garments that explore and push the boundaries of shape and texture.

She is particularly keen on knitting cables, and indeed would love to share that with you.

We learn that not everything that you knit with is wool – and there is a growing interest in knowing the provenance of the yarn that is being used.  Recently she has been working closely with the West Yorkshire Spinners – who produce the Bo Peep yarn and the book that is featured in the video.

The Croft Shetland Tweed Book should also be available from them.

This company recently won two Craft Business  Awards 2018 – Best Knitting Manufacturer/Supplier and Best Support and Service.

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