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Rosee guides you through her pattern which is made up of small petals, large petals and a centre.

She shows you how to increase to make the petal shape (this applies to both sizes). On the 5th row there are two different techniques. You will be knitting into the front and the back of the stitch and slipping the stitch.

On the 11th Row to get to increase/make one
Row 17 – you start decreasing for the top of the petal with SSK – which is a left leaning decrease.

For the top of the petal – the last few rows (23/24/25), you will decrease 3 stitches into one; a left leaning decrease and a Knit 3 tog; and a Purl 5 tog on Row 24 is a bit fiddly, so take care. After that, you cast off.

For the centre of the poppy there are just 3 rows but you go from 5 stitches to 15 stitches in just one row.

She suggests you might like to think about the size of needle you are using for the project – versus that suggested by the yarn. Above all, Rosee gives tips on sewing the whole poppy together.

Wear with pride.

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