Kintsugi Inspired Quilting with Anita Birtles

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Kintsugi Inspired Quilting with Anita Birtles

Kintsugi influences Anita Birtles to use crumb squares and bright sashing for Improv Quilting.


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Improv Quilting is one of Anita Birtles loves and inspiration can come from all arts and crafts.

Utilising 10inch blocks and sashing, Anita shows how to build up the blocks to make a truly unique quilt.

Taking Crumb squares demonstrated in another class. She makes random cuts before adding brightly coloured sashing.

Constructing the quilt in columns allows for less accuracy in piecing. In fact as Anita says trimming is for fitting the columns together.

So if you want to have a go at random, Improv and building your own quilt. Anita gives you permission to try something new.


Get yourself ready for this quilt by making crumb squares  in advance.

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