Is Quilting Art ?


Is quilting art?

Does a quilt become art when you take it from the bed and put it up on the wall?

Is quilting not perceived as art because it is seen as women’s work. A functional textile piece, which is not as significant as paint on canvas?

And is it fair that women should be paid 10% of what men get paid for art?

Join Jenny Haynes, Lucy Engels, Linda Seward, and host Faye Hatcher as they talk through these questions. And more.

You’ll learn about how quilting was first acknowledged as art in an exhibition at The Whitney in 1971 and how it is being held up as art today with 2 pieces included in the RA Summer exhibition, 2023.

You’ll hear different views from our experts on what makes quilting, art.

And you’ll be introduced to the difficulties and inequities in pricing quilts. Picking up on why male artists are paid 10 times more for their art than female artists (read Guardian article).  As Jenny says, “We need to talk about it.”


Learn more about Jenny HaynesLucy Engels, and Linda Seward .

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