How to Sew Hexagons with Carolyn Forster

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How to Sew Hexagons with Carolyn Forster

Sew scrappy hexagons with a simple running stitch and not an English Paper Piece in sight.


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Scrappy quilts are a particular favourite of Carolyn’s. In this workshop she talks you through how you can produce a lovely traditional scrap quilt without the need of English Paper Pieces. Here a simple running stitch will suffice.

The hexagons can be precut into an uncoordinated pile. You would sew them together at random. The finished result looks like the traditional circle from Grandmother’s Flower garden, but the unit is actually pieced in rows. This makes it very portable and versatile for anyone who just enjoys sewing.

There are various setting options, that Carolyn shares with you, and, as you can see, you can go traditional or modern, you could use rows of bright fabrics set with white to create a stunning modern quilt.

If you listen carefully, you can hear about a quilting bird, and no, this isn’t another person hiding!

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