How to Knit a Beret with Daphne Morris

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How to Knit a Beret with Daphne Morris

This one-size-fits all beret has been designed by Daphne Morris.

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In this very helpful workshop, Daphne shows you how to knit this beret.

She uses double pointed needles and a circular needle. This means you only need to use the knit stitch throughout.

The beret can also be made using traditional needles but it means you will also have to purl, and you will have a seam to sew up at the end.

Daphne starts with the cast on row.  She she shows you her favourite method which allows not only for the neat start, but also for a degree of elasticity.  She moves on to the rib and explains how to increase stitches to make the brim  she then demonstrates how to decrease in sections to create the design and shape.

This delightful and useful project is, according to Daphne,  achievable in a couple of evenings.

Daphne’s pattern is available as an instant download in our shop, as is the WYS Illustrious DK Knitting Kit  (2 colourways).

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