Hexagon Patchwork with Carolyn Forster

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Hexagon Patchwork with Carolyn Forster

Carolyn talks you about traditional style of hand piecing over papers with a whip stitch to finish.


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English Paper Piecing

English Paper piecing is extremely portable and a great use of scraps. It is traditionally worked by hand over papers and the Hexagon shape is the most popular.

Great for Recycling or using scraps of fabric

In this workshop Carolyn shows you how to make the individual hexagon shapes, whip stitch them together and then join the flower garden rosettes into a quilt.

A simple project, would be to make two rosettes and turn them into a pincushion.

Shopping for supplies

Pre-cut papers are available from most good quilt shops, but for a fantastic selection visit Lina Patchwork website.

More About Carolyn Forster

Carolyn is the author of several books and patterns, which feature through the our website. For more information about Carolyn you can use quick search by her name or enjoy meeting her by clicking here.


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