Free Motion Embroidery with Jennie Rayment

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Free Motion Embroidery with Jennie Rayment

Jennie guides you through how to start free motion embroidery and complete a small picture.


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Embroidery or quilting its the same free motion technique

This is just part one of Jennie’s two-part workshop program on film for us. Part two will be coming up onto the site in months.

More about Jennie Rayment

This skinnyish, red-headed, slightly wacky Brit loves ‘Nipping and Tucking’. Thats is a form of fabric manipulation that involves changing the surface texture.

Unique in her field, she’s now internationally known for her quick, simple, innovative, and original techniques with textured material. Moreover, she has hilarious lectures with real ‘Strip, Show and Tell.’

Also, Jennie teaches a wide variety of classes for all levels and abilities of sewers, from patchworkers, quilters, and embroiderers to fashion, and home décor enthusiasts.

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