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Coil Baskets with Sallieann Harrison

Create a wide range of basket shapes and sizes with just rope and perhaps a few fabric scraps.

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Sallieann says making coil baskets can be addictive.  Seeing how easy they are I think she could be right.

She takes us through each of the steps. Starting off with how to make the circular base. Then adding the sides and  the final top handle/loop. All with just rope and a zig-zag stitch on your sewing machine.

She does suggest using a no.14 needle in the machine (which is quite robust) and you can select toning thread or contrast thread.  Do make sure you have an open toed zig-zag foot to work with. If you find your machine is skipping stitches, we suggest you upgrade to Purple Needles. These have been designed to avoid this happening when using quite robust wadding.

To add a bit of variety, you can embellish these baskets as you are sewing them by adding in small strips of scrap fabric – just 1/2″ wide is all you need – yet another reason not to throw anything away!

If you want to get hold of the same Everlasto twine that Sallieann used – click here.


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