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Caravans and Other Cushions with Gail Penberthy

Gail Penberthy chooses iconic summer themes of Caravans and Beach Huts for inspirational projects.


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Summer wouldn’t be summer without a caravan or a visit to the beach.   Gail has incorporated these into a variety of cushions as well as other keepsakes for you to make.

Gail uses raw edge applique and satin stitch to create the caravan cushion. There is a  great opportunity for you to add themed buttons as embellishment.

The caravan theme peg bag is great. If you don’t do pegs then use this as somewhere to hide knick-knacks.

There is a sewing trio of a pincushion, needle case and the caravan turns into a delightful little sewing box, made with pelmet vlieseline or timtex.

The Beach Hut theme has been used to create a delightful cushion, with mini bunting. The decorated tissue box comes with another embellishment opportunity for using themed buttons.

All the patterns come complete with all the decoration motives in them. They use fused, raw edge applique as the technique.

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