Butterfly Cushion Applique Kit with Valerie Nesbitt

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Butterfly Cushion Applique Kit with Valerie Nesbitt

This delightful cushion is a mixture of simple sewing and fused applique for the butterflies.


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Valerie shows the contents of this kit designed by Nicola Whayman around a butterfly pattern from Kjersti Smith. The kit comes with strips of fabric, colour graded to resemble earth and sky. The butterflies are applied onto this.

She gives suggestions on the simple sewing and initial quilting, which could be horizontally along the sewing lines, or you could sew a cross-hatched design to give it more texture.

You apply the butterflies with the fused applique technique. Then you add the sewing, which will be anchored through the wadding, so no need for stablizer. And if you want, Valerie gives you permission to add the eyes and antennas with fabric marking pens!

The full Butterfly Applique kit is also available on our website.

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