Basics of the Walking Foot with Claire Campion

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Basics of the Walking Foot with Claire Campion

What is a walking foot and why do you need one? Claire Campion explains the advantages of using one.

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Claire Campion describes how the walking foot supports quilting as a result of its dual feed aspect. This foot simply replaces the standard foot on your machine to give an even feed.

In the video she explains the how the walking foot feeds the fabric through the machine evenly, significantly reducing puckers when sewing multiple fabric layers.

We have some tips on how to fit your walking foot. For those of you who are the proud owner of one of the larger machines that uses the Acu-feed foot, then this video will help you fit it.

You can follow Claire on Instagram with #colliderquilt and @madejustsew.

You can find out more about Claire in our The Makers Studio series, all for FREE.

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