Art Meets Science – a SAQA Exhibition

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Art Meets Science – a SAQA Exhibition

A travelling exhibition called ‘Art Meets Science’ by the international art quilt group SAQA.

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This exhibition by SAQA is called ‘Art Meets Science’. Artists from 7 countries created 35 quilts in this exhibition, they used a variety of scientific disciplines as the inspiration for art.

Frieda Andersen is guide through this exhibiton. She together with her friend and collegue Laura Wasilouski run the Chicago School of Fusing

This exhibit explores the unexpected intersections of two seemingly different disciplines – art and science. The works focus upon inspiration from scientific theories or phenomena expressed in new or unexpected ways, from the harmonies of randomness to the dynamics produced by scientific imagery.

More about SAQA

Studio Art Quilt Associates is a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote the art quilt through education, exhibitions, professional development and documentation.

Yvonne Porcella believed in the need to establish a place for art quilts in the world of contemporary fine art. Therefore, in 1989 she sent out 50 letters to artists and friends to rally them to her cause. And so SAQA was born.

The vision was to create an organization to promote art quilts to major art publications, museums, and galleries; to educate the public about art quilts; also to serve as a forum for the professional development of quilt artists; and in addition, to act as a resource for curators, dealers, consultants, teachers, students and collectors.

Today, with an ever-increasing membership, SAQA is gearing up to broaden the audience for art quilts even further. And just as important, under the leadership of the current Executive Director, Martha Sielman, SAQA seeks to become an even greater resource and advocate for all of the SAQA membership.
Also, you can find more about SAQA here –

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