A Visit to Oakshott Fabrics with Valerie Nesbitt

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Julia explains the history behind this family fabric firm that is famous for its shott cotton fabrics, and we wander round the showroom drinking in the delights of colour and texture.

About Oakshott Fabrics

We source our fine quality handloom quilting cotton from the SouthIndianState of Kerala. This region of South West India has a tradition of producing some of the finest hand made fabrics due to a unique combination of natural and human factors. The Monsoon provides Kerala with a plentiful supply of rain and it is this clean, soft water together with the finest quality cotton yarns and dyes that allow skilled master weavers to produce beautiful fabrics.
Oakshott and Company Ltd. contacts:
19 Bamel Way
Gloucester Business Park
Brockworth, Gloucester
Tel: 01452 371 571 Fax: 01452 371 573

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