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8 Pointed Star with Valerie Nesbitt

Valerie shows how to create the patchwork 8 pointed star using pre-cut jelly rolls and nickle packs.


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To create this traditional patchwork star use 2inch finished units, and therefore creating an 8inch finished block. To do this Valerie has used pre-cuts of 2.5inch strips, which are of course exactly the same size as jelly roll strips.

Valerie cut the centre squares of the block from the 5″ pre-cut squares, and Valerie trimmed them back to 4.5inch.

Tip from Valerie, create the half square triangle units first. And when you have sewn two together to form the middle row of the block, press and measure, so that your centre square is completely accurate for your patchwork.

Should you wish the block to be bigger, just remember that you are going to make a 4×4 grid. Therefore if each unit is increased to 3in finished you will end up with a 12 inch finished block. And if you increase to 4 in finished you will end up with a 16inch finished block.

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