8 Pointed Star Quilt with Valerie Nesbitt

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8 Pointed Star Quilt with Valerie Nesbitt

This Star has no awkward centre seam so is really easy to make and Valerie show how!


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This 8 pointed star is made from simple half-square triangle units and squares.

Valerie shows us how to make this star by using the Thangles method, which is a simple one-size strip patchwork, which saves her having to think about two different size strips to cut but you can of course make the half-square triangle units by your own favourite methods – if you have one.

Valerie covers the alternative method in the workshop notes for a 9 block quilt, and you can see a demonstration of fast and accurate half-square triangle units by clicking here.

The quilt pattern design is created by selecting the size of the larger square and then making units that are half the size – so why not give that a thought with some of your other designs. Valerie has worked with a 12″ star and 6″ together with blank squares but you could also mix in some 3″ stars a well maybe – just a thought!

Here is the peach quilt that Valerie has now finished and for which you can get workshop notes.

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