Question from Janice:

Hello again, well I’ve finished the topping for my log cabin quilt and now am about to sandwhich it together.  I have Heirloom cotton batting and good old fashioned polyester batting.  Having been slightly put of by the instructions on the heirloom batting, although that was my original choice, can you tell me – do I really need to rinse in tepid water & dry as recommended on the packaging for shrinkage or can I just apply it as it comes after opening & flattened overnight.
I have never used this type but heard Jennie say on C&C it was fabulous so ofcourse I bought it.  Any advice for my large double quilt waiting to be finished would be gratefully recieved.
Again many thanks for your hard work


Answer from Val:

The Heirloom wadding is brilliant – as in fact are all waddings that are sold and made for quilters – they all do the job;  they are all designed to be washed.  However if there is a element of cotton it does have a small amount of shrinkage and just like the fabric you need to make a personal judgement.   The other advantage of Heirloom and the other flatter waddings is they behave better as you quilt them.

Did you pre-wash your fabrics?  are they cotton?  Did you pre-wash the backing?  is that cotton?   If, like me, you haven’t washed any of it (!!!!) then when the quilt is finished and goes into the wash the first time everything will move together – that’s why antique quilts have that slightly rumpled look.

I have to say that my own quilts have yet to be washed (they don’t get messed on) but obviously a child’s quilt is in the wash constantly. 

Hope that helps – but if it were me – I just use it straight from the packaging;
oh and I prefer it  if I can buy the wadding not pre-packed in plastic but off the roll from my local quilt shop – it seems to behave better  – just a thought.