Textiles Fair Teddington – more detail

Diversity Textile Group

This was such a fun few hours and I met some really interesting artisans; of course there was Lois Bellew and Julie Winter from Diversity (who we have met before) (www.diversity-textileart.com )who are mixed media textile artists;

Made in the United Kingdom

Golden Trees

Bridget Skanski-Such who creates pictures of golden trees and magical landscapes – https://www.bridgetskanskisuchtextiles.com/
mine is in shades of burgundy but there were some in blues and turquoises;


Vintage fabrics and Stitch for Home Decoration

Zara Day who trades as Rosemary Rose (www.rosemary-rose.co.uk) who takes pieces of antique and vintage fabric and adds to them her own hand and free machine embroidery to create stunning pieces including upholstered chairs;and here’s one that was made for me:

Woven silk scarves

and finally Nick Ozanne who creates wonderful woven silk scarves in his studio in Thrupp – (www.letoariadne.com) wonderful as a gift for the adult male in your life.
Worth checking out – and certainly a date for next year.