Your secret pillow video is brilliant and I love it!

Please could you show/explain how the front of the quilt looks regarding the seams that are applied to the reverse side to attach the pillow casing?  Do the seams show and overlap the existing quilting?  Should we try and avoid doubling over the seams?  I have made a pale fabric quilt which shows all the stitching very clearly and could look ‘overstitched’ on the top side if I attach the pillow case (that I now want to apply thanks to your lovely video!)  Many thanks!


You are right – the stitching shows through to the front of the quilt and there is no way round this if you want the pillow to be ‘safe and secure’; In the early days we did just attach the pillow to the reverse fabric, but that meant we couldn’t quilt that section of the quilt;  if your’s is already quilted you could try attaching the pillow by hand just through the back and the wadding but I  really don’t think it would stand up to much handling.

However you could make the cushion separately and have the quilt, unattached, stuffed into it when not in use, but you do then have two separate pieces.

Hope this helps – and I am pleased you enjoyed the idea (keep an eye on Jennie next month and she talks about a quag! in her video entitled Lily Block)