Royal School of Needlework

///Royal School of Needlework

Royal School of Needlework

Jennie: An amazing day on Wednesday – Valerie and I went to the Royal School of Needlework. This is hidden away in a dark part of Hampton Court Palace behind a secret door – all very special. We were allowed to enter these hallowed walls and film the studio and classrooms – a real treat. And and and ………… then we went to the Sunbury Millenium Embroidery – an enormous embroidered wall-hanging made by approx 120 local ladies – a truly superb piece of work plus we got to see Hapticart – more about that later. If you are into Hand Sewing (dirty word in my opinion) then you MUST view the RSN and the Sunbury Millenium Embroidery.  Just to prove that her indoors (our Valerie) and this here twiddler did go to Hampton Court … is photo of  us both with our video producer – the incomparable Dave. Tell you something ………. it was extremely cold – could have done with my thermal undies.palace404sml.jpg




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