Raising awareness of this dreadful affliction that affects not only the patient but also their families Ann Hill has put together a display at the Hampden Park Stadium, Glasgow; there are 65 quilts in total and all the quilts have a story inspired by the stories of the families for whom the quilt was made and the exhibition runs until August 2011.

She also has another project underway which will culminate in 2013 – to cover the Hampden Park Stadium (Scotlands international football stadium) with quilts! And there is a request out to any and all who would like to make and contribute; the quilts need to be 1m square (or 1yd square) and Ann is looking for a total of 5,000 – SO…. if you can help get sewing – any topic will do (and some patterns will be up soon the sale of which will also raise funds for the Alzheimers charity – and contact Ann at annhillquilter@btinternet.com.
(once the event is over the quilts will be either adopted by individuals, offered to care homes and/or sold to raise more funds for the Alzeheimers charity) – so definitely a win/win situation.