VAL: I met Kendall while she was visiting/shopping at(!) Creative Quilting and if anyone is planning to be in Texas maybe for the quilt show this might be of interest to be tacked on the end – great value it would seem once you are there!

From Kendall Harman:
The next quilt retreat I am organizing is Oct. 26-28. The cost is $100.00. We stay in a girl’s dormitory. There are two to a room and the bathroom is in the hall. My husband does the cooking and he is a great cook! I understand that anyone coming from London might want to come a little early. We could help them find a motel or friends have offered to have them in their homes until we can go to the retreat.

The actual location in about an hour drive from Amarillo and we would arrange transportation from Amarillo to the location. We would be able to provide sewing machines for anyone who comes. We normally don’t do a project; everyone just works on unfinished projects of their own.

A little information about Amarillo: population is 196,000. We are located in the middle of the Texas Panhandle.

We do have two very nice quilt shops in Amarillo.

This is the front of the facility where I have my quilt retreats. It is large and spacious. We have plenty of room for sewing.


This is the view from the back door of the dining room. This is facing east and the sunrises are simply gorgeous. As you can tell, we’re out in the middle of nowhere


The weather at the end of October is cool but not usually too cold. It has been known to snow at this time of the year though! It is cold in February and in April warmer and usually windy. They weather is quite a bit different from what I’ve experienced when I’ve been in London.


Two more retreats are being organized in 2013: February 15-17 and April 12-14.

For more information contact Kendall directly at and make sure you put “Quilt Retreat” in the subject line .