Query (and praise) from Sue:


since I started to subscribe to just hands I use it more and more as my reference ‘book’.  I have loads of patchwork and quilting books, but  if I want to know something in a hurry i.e. as today different applique methods I could use on a project  I’m doing, its as quick to turn  on my  computer without even getting out of my seat to go to the bookshelf and search through dozens of different books!!.

Then,  when I stop for a break I can put down my sewing and enjoy lots of other interesting ideas I might need in the future.

You may find this a silly question ( I admit I’m a technophobe so all of this does not come easy to me – I only got this machine for emails, reading the news and  JUSTHANDS!)  is there a way I can mark a workshop etc that is say a favourite  so I can go back to it easily?



Thanks for your lovely comments about the site. We are delighted that you make so much use of it.

If you tell us  what browser you use to access the internet, we can give you instructions on how to mark the page so that you can return to it later.
Common browsers that people use are Internet Explorer (a blue ‘e’ icon) / Mozilla Firefox / Chrome / Safari

Also  let us know what machine you are using eg a laptop / pc / ipad / tablet

In the meantime don’t forget you can use the search box at the top on the right hand side of our site and also the quick links (which group videos under the same topic)  on the left side of the screen on the video pages.