Car is loaded with quilts and fabric  and ready to go – just need to pack the suitcase;  Dunford House (our venue in Midhurst – find out more in the classified ads) is full to bursting;  Jennie will be teaching her Superstar Medallion quilt;  Myfanwy will be showing her students how to use the embellisher (and we have one to play with for the rest of us with the opportunity of getting a Janome embellisher  of our own at a VERY GOOD price – exclusive to plus bringing her Winifrid Cottage shop of goodies: Val will be making quick quilts with her students using up Fat 1/4s;  and Wendy will be making sure it all runs smoothly for us.


NOTE:  dates for next year are 27-29th June 2014 when Jennie and Valerie will be joined by Sarah Soward from Pauline’s Patchwork.