In the beginning –

Summer 2008: Valerie Nesbit (from Creative Quilting, Hampton Court, Surrey) dreams of creating a TV based web site devoted to Textile Arts. Jennie Rayment, nips and tucks, prattles and teaches internationally in her own little calico heaven

August 2008: Seeds planted
Valerie finds a film crew and goes to Festival of Quilts, Quilt Museum in York and records workshops with several well known quilters. Her dream is taking shape.

December 2008: Valerie meets Jennie and they get together over a glass of wine! But difficultie lie ahead – a web deigner has to be found who can cope with the enormous site Justhands-on will be. Another film crew is needed. Time is ticking by.

January 2009: Thankfully, web site designer – ‘Pastiche’ is found and a new film crew ‘BizView’ is discovered – and the dream is taking shape once again.

March – July: Seeds growing and Valerie can see the shoots growing – it is getting ever so exciting…

Film crew, Valerie and Jennie dash all over the UK recording workshops, presentations, visiting museums and galleries and Quilt shows – life has totally changed for them both. Almost morphing into gibbering hairless wrecks with chewed nails and a rapidly developing addiction to chocolate and alcohol the intrepid two tackle the stresses of learning how to be film presenters, understand the internet, do PDF’s, HMTL, JPG’s and Oh so much more. Plus get to know a new web site builder ‘Pure Innovation’ who is going to do the all singing and dancing site that JHO will be eventually.

And that short history brings us back to the present – today – the green shoots of the start of

just having a play