I love the folded potholder you demonstrated.  I will eventually get around to making one for myself but for now i really would like to make one as a 16″ pillow topper.  Can it be done that large and in a square shape as opposed to the round?


The answer is yes you can make this bigger – you will need more squares to fold into the pointy shape on each round – from 8 you will then need 16 and you might even have to go up to 32 per round!);
and then to turn it into a square I suggest you use bigger squares (gives you more fudge factor!) select a point for the first one and add to the opposite side and the opposing quadrants (say north, south east and west) (but you could have marked this out on your foundation piece first)

There is quite a bit of fabric and will feel quite heavy – just so you know

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